Create a VCC Seed option

Groundfilling is very useful.
But it should be possible to VCC fill the opposite layer of the board, and it should be possible to mark a pin as VCC Seeded.

Everyone has kind-of left FZ now that an online version has been mentioned - even that has trouble attracting contributers -, so I would say if you need that you better switch to a different EDA. Basically FZ was designed for young people to get into electronics fast with a “monkey see monkey do” method, it’s just that people like the look and tried to push it into an advanced EDA.

So what is the “online” version that is as easy to use ?
I am particularly interested in the ability to construct board using a “breadboard” method of connecting readily available modules as well as loose parts.

The online version hasn’t been made.
FZ is the only EDA with BB view, so you need it you have to use FZ.
Extras like a VCC plane will probably never be made, so we have to live with FZ the way it is.

This is already possible in Fritzing albeit a little complicated.

  1. Remove all existing copper fill.
  2. Clear all ground fill seeds.
  3. Use the view from above/below button to view it from the side you want as ground.
  4. Use the top layer/both/bottom layer button to only allow work on the ground side.
  5. Set your ground seed.
  6. Ground fill top/bottom which ever side you are working on.
  7. Clear ground fill seeds.
  8. Switch view to the opposite side.
  9. Switch the top/both/bottom to the opposite side.
  10. Set the ground fill seed but this time select your vcc instead of ground
  11. Ground fill top/bottom which ever side you are working on.
  12. Clear ground fill seeds just to be safe so you can’t accidentally click ground fill.

Now you will have 2 filled side with different seed points.

it is also posssible via all copper fill, and then use traces to overlap you own desired-plane
I sometimes do that, but need to becareful.
using top-bottom to separated ground/Vcc is a good idea