CP2102 - Silabs USB/serial converter

I ask for leniency, this is only my second fritzing part.

USB converter CP2102.fzpz (15.2 KB)

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By and large a good part only a few corrections :slight_smile: :

In schematic, the pins are not quite on the .1 in grid so I moved them down so they are and adjusted the labels to match. Assuming you are using Inkscape (as I am) then after you save the svg you need to edit the svg with a text editor and remove all the px on font size (I remove all of them). If you don’t and the part is edited in parts editor the font size gets set to 0 and the text becomes unreadable. This should be done for all the svgs.
In PCB as in your first part, copper0 and silkscreen are missing (I also ungrouped everything and then regroup again but that isn’t strictly necessary). I added the copper0 group and silkscreen and put a rectangle (which will be the incorrect size as I don’t have a board) around where the board edge would be. You need to change the size of the rectangle to match the physical size of the board and add in a bump for the USB connector so if someone put this on a board they know where the edges of the board are for placing other parts (the USB connector is less important as it will likely be on the edge of the board to allow the cable to connect, but it is nice to have it there)

USB converter CP2102_mod.fzpz (15.2 KB)


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