CORE-Parts RGB-LED - SMD parts convert to single color LED

Trying to replace a lot of 0805 LED’s with fewer 0805 or 0612 RGB LED’s.

These standard RGB-LED SMD footprints are present as part of the parts core library, but there seems to be a “parts-bug” as Tricolor-led’s in the SMD formfactor (0603, 0805, 1206) all seems to be converted to regular single-color LEDs.

I can’t find any “custom made” SMD RGB-LED’s in the SMD 0805 or 1206 formfactor anywhere on the web. I can find a few other variants, but no luck with the ordinary SMD formfactor.

Tried on 3 different PC’s all running v0.9.6, upgraded one to 1.0 but the issues is consistent across all 3 machines.

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The only one in core parts looks to be this one:

Neither the part nor the data sheet say what the packaging is but it looks fairly small and is a Sparkfun part. I expect that you are changing the part in Inspector to 0602 and that will select all LEDs with a 602 case (not just the tricolor ones.) Your best alternative is likely to be to provide a datasheet for the LED you want to use and one of us will make a custom part (I’m pretty jammed up right now though, so it will take a while.)


Thanks for the reply. - Personally, a few custom parts will do the job :-), thanks.

In the bigger picture (and the long run) I think that the standard SMD RGB LED’s should be implemented in core parts, as with other components that have different packagetypes.

Choosing the Tricolor LED component (second under output) should present not only the 5 and 3 mm TH components, but also present the standard SMD sizes. At least 0805 and 1206 versions.
I have found the following datasheets that matches the SMD RGB-LED’s that I’m currently working with, and find missing in the community and the core parts.
Datasheet for the 0805 RGB-LED package :

Datasheet for 1206 (Hmm, or 1210??) RGB-LED package: