Copper layers in parts, how to do this correct

I’m making a pancake coil part and that consists of a copper layer.

if i place it on copper0 then it will be on the bottom layer, but if a user then it on the top layer can the same part then be used? or do i need to create another part for the top layer?

Is there a way to move (switch) the copper layers in the Inspector later on in the process of making parts?

Hi uaneme,

Copper1 only, is normally for pads, when you switch to a single sided bard, copper1 then becomes copper0.

If you have your pancake coil on copper0, I wonder, if you place it on the bottom side of the board; does copper0 then become copper1? Interesting… let me know what happens so I don’t have to draw it up again.


Hmm ok i’ll give it a try, I hoped this was an ‘undocumented but known’ thing.

My tought was a bit more into the future, let’s say more layers are added. Then it would be nice to have the option to place a coil on a certain layer Or stack coils or other copper structures on top of eachother

Main concern however is that I want to make more coils (or find someone who can help me to make a widget) To set trace width ID OD and number of turns. And auto calculate the estimated inductance, tracelength, and resonant frequency. (and eventually display the values in the corresponding formula’s) …The EE formula’s. Coulomb / Weber and co.

If any coding whiz out there knows how to do this then please let me know! The sooner the better, and better late then never.
I’m not a pro, but I really like to see this take shape.

… I’m off to the drawingboard

If you put the coil in the same imbedded layers as the through holes, you will have two coils, a mirror image on the other side of the board. Although, you need to run a jumper wire to the center of the coils.

Well, multiple coils on multiple layers was not the intention. just 1 coil and the choice on what layer it should live.

With more coils i meant different size, width and winds.

say 10 11 12 13 14 15 … 40 turns
or .2 .25 .3.35 tracewidth
5cm inner diameter 10cm outer diameter all of that in any variant.

A 2 loop antenna around a board, a 4 loop antenna for RFID. etc
There is so much to play with, but no easy way to make the damn coil. :slightly_smiling: For the past year i have been trying to do something like this but never had the time to really dig deeper, now i have some time but the idea is bigger then my skillset. If i can push this now at this point to make it THAT versatile that will cost me more time and effort but in the long run everyone would benefit.

pancake coils are relatively easy to etch, but nearly impossible to wind DIY.

BTW the “connetor” does this always have to be WITHIN a “copper” group.
or is it also allowed to have a “connector” within another group?
Then it is more easy in inkscape to work with, and pick the correct positions. The connector ID is nagging me a bit. :slight_smile: