Convert .dxf file into fritzing part

I want to have load cell 5 click board to be include in my fritzing part. I have the .dxf file. Anyone know how to do it?

I don’t think a dxf file is useful. I am not aware of anything that will create Fritzing files from a dxf (although there may be) and I don’t think it can create breadboard images (which Fritzing requires.) The web site for the board is a more useful resource (luckily easy to find vie google.)

That provides this jpg file which is useful for making breadboard.

like this:

start with a template file and set the size of the board from the dimensions in the web page, then import and scale the jpeg image to match the size of the real board. The jpg is on the right and the template on the left.

then change the rectangle to a path and round the corners and add the bottom right angle to make the base of the part.

Then overlay all the parts and text (I have a collection of parts that I use for this) to create the breadboard image.)

breadboard ends up looking like this (here the image is in the forground

which looks like this with the image in the background

and like this when the image is deleted leaving just the breadboard image in the svg.

add the schematic to it and you get this part which should do what you want (note I suppressed pcb view as not being useful) Also note that many many steps have been left out of this simplified explanation …

load-cell5-click.fzpz (14.8 KB)