Controling 4 linear actuators using accelerometer and arduino

hi guys and girls

iam relatively new to arduino and fritzing. i need to control 4 linear actuators in both directions using the output data from a single accelerometer. i have drawn up a diagram on fritzing (dont know how to upload it to this forum) and iam unsure if its correct. Also i dont know where to even begin with the code! (totally new to coding and don’t have the time to learn it fully for this project). so far i have the arduino board with the accelerometer as an input and the wires going from a digital output to stepper drivers direction, which in turn have their own power supply connected to the stepper motor which drives the linear movement can anybody help me this could turn into a paid job for anyone who could make it work please help!

thanks in advance

bradlinear actuation.fzz (11.6 KB)

I have meet similar problem as you