Connectors not showing

I’m struggling to make a component, weird things happen like connectors not showing up in the fritzing editor.
To do a test I extracted the Raspberry Pi 3 from fritzing, I loaded it again as a new component and only half of the connectors appear despite them being there and labelled in the svg document.

Any solutions?

You should upload the svg file…

Need some info:

  1. Which view causing the problem?
  2. Did you check the connector name/id in svg?

I assume, the problem is that, the “connector id” changed while editing…
Illustrator shows the name you choose, but it didn’t change the Id.

Quick solution:
1. You can align the rest connection in Fritzing part editor.

2. Open the svg in notepad, if any id is like “connector1pin_1_”… then change it to correct id, like “connector1pin”.
in svg file, you can’t make two path or two shape with same id.
(notepad++ is great for that)

Thanks for your help. I struggling with this. The problem is happening in breadboard view, I haven’t checked the rest of the views.
As I said I didn’t change anything from the svg exported from fritzing I simply exported it and reimported it. Now it appears to keep the connectors but the file is messed up

This image is the original component on the top, and the same component, exported from fritzing and then reimporting it just saved with a different name. As you can see its messed up, the type is larger and there’s parts missing despite being the same file!

I’m battling with this kind of behaviour a lot. Opening the fritzing SVGs in other software tends to mess them up too. I’ve tried illustrator, Inkscape and Sketch to no avail.

What’s the workflow recommended to make components?

I thought it’ll be simple to make a Raspberry Pi4 using a 3 as a starting point but I was wrong!

For the text issue, I’ll suggest don’t export svg from part editor (EVER)…
Just copy the svg from core part svg…

Detect & copy the svg of the part you want to edit:

Open part editor…


Copy & paste it elsewhere…


(Don’t save the part editor while exiting, or else the original part will be change)

I’ve done that and it’s resolved some issues.
The problem I’m facing now is that my component is working in fritzing and looking as intended, but if I export my breadboard layout as svg, I get a black shape for it. See below

You look to have hit a Fritzing bug. I’m guessing you edited the PI 3 in parts editor then file->export->as image->svg.

That produces this:


as opposed to this (the svg extracted from the fzpz file):


which is wrong. To get the proper part edit the part in parts editor, (optionally change the meta data, usually easiest) then file->save as new part. This sets a new moduleId so you can reload a core part, then puts the new part in the mine parts bin. Now close parts editor (note due to a bug in 0.9.3B you want to be running 0.9.4 pre release, where I fixed this particular bug) in the mine parts bin right click on the new part and click export part. This will write the new part as an fzpz file to the file system.
Now outside Fritzing unzip the exported part’s fzpz file which will result in the 5 files that make up the part (the fzp file and 4 svgs) with a correct breadboard svg is there (the second image above). Make your changes to the modified part, rezip it to an fzpz file and you can load it back in to Fritzing (in 0.9.3b you need to remove the part from the user directories as Parts Editor did not do so when it exited, this is fixed in 0.9.4 pre release). @Blue’s suggestion will also work but not create a new moduleId (but parts editor will do that when you import the svg) so which ever method is easier for you is the one to use. Note that after editing the svg file you need to remove the px from the font-sizes (which is a CSS requirement) either by running the svg through or by editing the svg with a text editor. If there are px on the font size a re edit via parts editor will set the font size to 0 effectively removing the text.

Another Fritzing feature. Again Fritzing check part will fix this by inlining the style commands, or you can manually remove them. This issue is explained in this github issue:

which also points to


I won’t say this is the problem but, maybe it is. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts…

The Border “Stroke” and “Fill” and “End” type makes a difference!!! Play with them…

Sure, it may be the Graphics program being used, but, I’ve confirmed this, and other aspects, with almost a Dozen Graphic programs with respect to Fritzing to the point of saying with Certainty (at least for my needs and toolchain)…

As this will be my lat post on the matter (sorry), I offer the following graphic example:

The Green PCB done with “Center” stroke works.
The Green PCB done with “Outside” stroke sometimes works.
The Green PCB done with “Inside” stroke does NOT work. It fills the exported shape with Black. It fills the PCB view with White