Connector0 added after ground fill operation?

Newbie needs some help understanding the “Ground Fill” tool in the routing menu. I can’t find any official documentation for this feature.

When I was about to send my PCB out for production, Fritzing recommended that it have copper/ground fills. I created a ground fill following some tips I found in other posts on this forum. That’s when I noticed that Fritzing added a new element labeled “connector0: Copper Fill” to the top layer as shown in the picture below. I want to make sure I understand what this is exactly. The default placement is close enough to one of my fastener holes that the screw head will either partially cover it or potentially make contact with it if it’s on the top or bottom layer (as the coloring might suggest). I suppose I can “move” the connector using a a fill blocker, but I’d rather understand what I’m doing first.

Can anyone enlighten me? Does the connector simply join the ground planes of each side of the board, or does it expose the plane(s) externally in a way they might come into contact with foreign objects such as a fastener?

I think it is just a connector to attach traces (tracks) to the copper field. I think that it does not have any effect on the output. In any case, to be sure, you can export the board to Gerber and check how it looks in any Gerber visualization tool like gerbv or any online tool. Another option is this workaround to see your board in 3d:
"Please try Fritzings Gerber and IPC export together with ZofzPCB. This will produce a 3d model of a Fritzing PCB, and it provides a basic editor to add parts that don’t have a rendering. To get good results, you will need to buy ZofzPCB, but there is a free evaluation period. "

While I don’t know a lot about copper fill (which is why I haven’t commented so far) it appears @fai is correct. This test sketch exhibits the connector in Fritzing but it doesn’t translate in to the gerbers.

here displayed by gerbv. There appears to be a proper keepout around the hole (I expect if you need more keepout you could increase the copper fill keepout value.)