Connector terminal format in the svg file

I expect this is probably a question for the developers, but perhaps one of the more experienced parts makers may know: is there a reason that the connector0terminal width in (for instance the generic IC) is set to 0? This results at least in Inkscape with making the terminal invisible. When you select it in xml editor nothing changes on the image (although I expect it has indeed been selected) and it is impossible to move around. I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that the generic IC would be an example of good part creation practice. In a user created voltmeter part that I am high jacking, the connector0terminal width is set to 0.56300008 rather than 0 and Inkscape renders it as a dotted line box which is much easier to see when attempting to position it. As far as I can see Fritzing is perfectly happy with either format so I’m going to go with the non zero width version unless there is a good reason not to. I have just discovered that if the connector0terminal is not aligned to the grid, then at least in the schematic view, the pins will be offset from the grid as well. This was quite frustrating as the pins appeared to be aligned (other than the invisible connector0terminal) with the grid in Inkscape.

Peter Van Epp

The connector0terminal usually has no color, no fill or lines… in other words, it is invisible. It can be a line, square, circle, etc. The wire will snap to the center… the middle of a line or the center of a square or circle. The square seams to be the most common but I have done them with all the above. I like the square because in CorelDraw, object manager it is easy to identify next to the connector0pin, (curve). Sometimes they are 0,0 and you can’t do anything with them, even in CorelDraw… I just copy the name (connector0terminal), draw a new square and past the name in it. Sometimes I make them the width of the pin (about 0.03") or 0.01", 0.02" doesn’t make any difference… When there is anything weird… like it would be centered on the connecor0pin node in CorelDraw, but in FZ it was offset… I would just delete it and draw a new one. You don’t know where these drawings come from and some of them are pretty wired… delete and redraw…

If you click on the node in Ink XML Editor the node should select in the main window, if you have arrow select button pressed, then just change the location and size in the top toolbar - watch the units -. Make them whatever you want.

Close enough is good enough for those invisible connects so I usually set the first one, and pretty much just add 0.100" to the location of other nodes when I’m modding old svgs.

Thanks! Thats much easier than what I was doing (editing the position by typing in the xml editor field). The original svg of this is pretty good looking and worked fine but has some structural differences from the voltmeter I have. Something I’ve done to the original has broken it, now all I have to do is figure out what and how to fix it! The original has some fancy groups going on and I may have broken one of them. I just discovered that I had the connector pins inverted which is possibly what it is unhappy about if I’m lucky.

Peter Van Epp

I’ve opened up a lot of parts, and there is no standardisation with those contacts. They can be square, rect, whatever.

I posted a few bugs on Ink, and learnt a few things. If you are interested they are here.