Connector options

searching for connector0terminal does not produce search results here on the fritzing website.
this tutorial explains a thing or two.

Now it’s still not very clear
When and where to use

What i’m missing is a page that explains ALL the options a bit more clearly.

Does this help?

yes it does, thank you

So connector types (other then pin) only are meant to be used in breadboard view.
I have seen a few tutorials (not on the fritzing site) who used terminal type in the schematic view. Seems that this has put me off track a bit

The wiki is a long read and that doesn’t make it actually easy to grasp. So it doesn’t help as much as it could. Maybe this could be a bit more emphasised?

Would it be possible to include the wiki in the site search? Now when you search the site it only searches and so you still have to remember there is an offsite wiki.
I totally forgot to look there, and a new user may also not be aware of this. All these things slow people down, right at the moment when they are investing time and energy to learn this stuff. So if there is a way to make this a bit less cumbersome (is that the right word?) that could lower the barrier a bit.

when you search with google it seems NOT to search the wiki at github?? (thats weird?) Or is there a robots.txt at github that prevents this?

Well, the terminal is an optional definition to set the anchoring point of a pin. The default is in the center of the pin rectangle. This is usually only worth the effort for breadboard parts.

I agree that the wiki text isn’t easily digestible, so we welcome any rewrites. Documentation is definitely in need of work…
The current idea is actually to bring all docs together in its own github-repository at fritzing-docs. This way anybody can contribute. Using markdown and a static html exporter, it could turn out very nicely, similar to how Particle does it:

Not sure the search can be expanded to include the wiki, but I will check. And no idea about google, it should definitely be included in their index, at least we’re not trying to prevent that.

I’ve been a bit under the weather, now slowly trying to pick up the pieces… I hope i can still remember everything.