Connection Error

I got my first project working in Arduino. It ended up looking like an
octopus. So here I am now learning Fritzing to make a PCB.

I think I am nearly their, but fritzing has come up with an error message.
Which I do not understand, it reads.

“Connection VIN (Also SDA,SCL,GND) on Part BMP280 ‘Sensor’ should have both copper top and bottom, but the svg only specifies one layer.”

But when I set the PCB1 to two layers the error still remains.
To be honest I am at a complete lost as to what I should do.
Any help would be very much appreciated.


Upload the sketch .fzz, the 7th button

The likely answer is that the BMP280 part you used is incorrect (i.e. has only one layer). As Old-Grey suggested uploading the .fzz file of the sketch is the best chance of getting a resolution.


Old Grey and vanepp, I have attached the .fzz.

Thanks Hutzpah

Weather station_sensor error.fzz (38.4 KB)

The gerber only shows a bottom layer, which is ok if you etch your own PCB, but for production I guess it should have both.

Looking at the BMP280 it looks like the copper1_1_ is labelled wrong, but I’ll leave it up to Van because he has the part checker.

Turn on View/align to grid and move traces until they are horz, vert, or at 45º, and it will look a lot better.

Indeed copper1 is misspelled along with breadboard. You will need to delete the old part (using delete minus to leave the traces) then shutdown fritzing to get rid of the old part entirely, then load this new part and move the connections in the various views until all connections are green and then it should work.

BMP280-fixed.fzpz (11.4 KB)


Thanks very much Peter for your help.
I did as instructed from your post, and it is all working perfectly.