Connecting raspberry with arduino via usb

I want to connect my raspberry Pi with arduino using the usb cable in the breadboard workspace How can I do it thank you

I don’t think you can in Fritzing (and I’m not sure you can in real life either although the PI may be able to be a USB host port and thus may work). In the fritzing case there are no connectors on the USB ports in either part. I suppose you could put an unconnected wire between the two ports or you (or one of us) could modify the parts to add a connector to the usb port. In general wanting to show a U?SB cable in Fritzing is a rare requirement so typically parts don’t have connectors on the USB ports.


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Serial communication is OK.

Then just connect the serial RX pin of one to the serial TX pin of the other and the TX pin of one to the RX pin of the other and you should be away. If the arduino is running at 5V you will need a level translator between the two because the PIs are 3.3V and can be damaged if connected to a 5V pin on the arduino. If the arduino is also 3.3V a direct connection is fine.