Conductor 1/4 jack mono graphics?

Hello everyone!

I’m building the graphic representation of a synthetiser built a while ago. I’m working in the breadboard viewport and I’m looking for a conductor 1/4 jack mono part (like this one: and I couldn’t find it. I just found this one ( but it looks different, coming with an extra part.
My question is: are these two parts the same thing? Or the first one is just mono, and the second one stereo jack? Wondering if there are any plans in creating the part of the 1/4 jack that I posted.
I’m a beginner in using Fritzing and building electronics, so please bear with me!

Many thanks in advance

The first one is a panel mount (hole in case) stereo (2 contacts and body/sleeve gnd).
The second one is PCB mount stereo (sleeve gnd, ring and tip)

Mono only has tip and sleeve, ie, one plastic ring separator.

Thanks for the prompt reply! Now I got the difference between the two of them.

So now my wonder is: is there any part already designed in Fritzing that represent the first one?
As said, I just found this (, but it looks like it needs PCB mounting, and doesn’t have the pins to connect it through jump wires.
I’m wondering if in a different section of the library there is 1/4 jack panel mount stereo, so I can represent authentically my physical design

It doesn’t look like there is one is FZ so you will have to do a Goo search and add fritzing to the search string and see if someone else made one. There are parts all over the place.

If that stereo PCB mount jack has a threaded nose and nut you could panel mount it, and just use the tip and sleeve tabs with jumper wires.

As usual I’m surprised at the parts that don’t exist. I would have though this was common enough that we had one, but it appears we didn’t. We do now: try this one:

Mono_Audio_Jack.fzpz (6.1 KB)


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