Compression spring contacts

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Compression spring contacts

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Top view
I can post only one media as a first time user, but the datasheet is quite telling, see below


Breakout board, sub assembly, plug in module (A)
Antenna (AE)
Battery (BT)
Capacitor (C)
Diode (D)
Display (DS)
Fuse (F)
Hardware , mounting screws, etc. (H)
Jack, fixed part of a connector pair, header (J)
Relay (K)
Inductor, Coil, Ferrite bead (L)
Loudspeaker, Buzzer (LS)
Motor (M)
Microphone (MK)
Plug, moveable part of a connector pair (P)
Transistor (Q)
Resistor (R)
Thermistor (RT)
Varistor (RV)
Switch (S)
Transformer (T)
Integrated Circuit (IC)
Crystal, Oscillator (Y)
Zender diode (Z)
Other (please specifiy)

No clue, sorry!

footprint refers to the pcb footprint which is included in the datasheet. Missing is a website where these are available such as this one (found via a google search for “Compression spring contacts bc12-np”)

for images of what the part looks like and how many pins you want as it comes in anywhere from 2 to 8 positions.


Thank you very much Peter! I am looking to use the 2 pins version.

This part should do what you want.

compression_spring_2-contact.fzpz (3.7 KB)


Thank you so much Peter! I really appreciate your help!