Coin cell amplifier, is this possible? I need help

I have tried to create a coin cell amplifier, using another design from Fritzing Community. (See bottom for link)

I made this design, and I have no idea whether this would even work, or if my design is way, way off? Can someone have a quick look at this and perhaps give me some pointers as to how to make it work?

Coin Cell Amplifier

I wanted to base it on a 3,6v 2450 coin cell battery if possible, and have the circuit fit on the back of the battery holder.

Can anyone help me a bit?

Here is the original design I based it on:

I think I would do it with smt… you could make it smaller and better organized.

I absolutely agree, there was not much room to fit all components here. I’m still a beginner in electronics, and still find myself messing up SMD parts. But I will definitely keep practicing my soldering.

Any thoughts on the circuit itself though? Does this actually work?

I am not in to audio and never built one, but, I think I would build one on a breadboard and try in. Let me know if it works, it sounds kind of interesting…

A simple way to solder smd parts on a small board is to use a hot air gun from a rework station… you don’t need an oven and you don’t have to worry about steady hands with a solder iron. They are also great for shrink tube… You won’t go back to through hole once you build a surface mount.

Great tip, thank you very much! I will definitely get one of those!

You can purchase one with a soldering iron combo for about the same price as a standalone… then you have a second iron setup with a different tip and temperature and don’t need to keep switching tips. Two irons are handy.

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I did my 1st SMD (0804) a couple months ago just with a soldering iron, and didn’t have any problems.

I used a mag lamp, because I can’t see well, and a largish iron with a fine needle point - you need power with needle points because of the low thermal mass -.

Plenty of Ytube clips for how-to.

Thanks for the encouragement @Old_Grey, I do appreciate that!