Code View Error

I’m getting the error shows in the image, i’m using Ubuntu. Please help.

The snapshot does not show a port name. The arduino code (that is used by Fritzing to do the actual upload) needs to know what port the board is attached to. The same as using the Arduino IDE would.

There have been a lot of reported problems getting the upload to work from inside Fritzing, with a few references that some have gotting it to in specific cases work. I have not looked into it myself. I normally run Fritzing from a flatpak, which introduces additional challenges.

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Thank you, i was thinking that the code runs in the breadboard of the program itself.

That would be both an electronics circuit simulator, and a microcontroller simulator. Well beyond the Fritzing application design scope. It is intended more for schematic capture and pcb design, with extra feature specific to prototyping circuits on a breadboard.