Code for sk9822 fast led

I have get a type of fast led,
is a type of 4 wire integrated digital rgb led with one data cable and one independent clock,
which make it faster signal,good for the big projects with large data transfer ,
and they claim it can share the same controller system as the apa102,
I am not sure about this,
so could I use the same code as apa102,
or anyone have new code for the sk9822

I’ve removed your links from your post as I feel they were irrelevant to your exact question. Please post EXACT datasheets PLEASE DO NOT spam websites. Thanks!

hi, i’m been playing with addressable leds for a while,

from what I know
sk9822 is the China version of apa102c,
the supply of apa102 in china is scarce so they made their own replacement.
I think they bought the FPGA? or whatever it is called, the design of the IC apa102, from Taiwan’s manufacturer
and built their own version called " sk9822."

from the datasheet I observed,
not much different but slightly cheaper
another significant one is that
apa102c gives 20Khz PWM
and SK9822 gives 1.2Khz PWM according to their datasheet

this could ruin or greatly damage POV projects.
but I haven’t observe such feel yet.
at least I can’t tell with my eyes.

and yes, since the sk9822 is a replace to apa102,
they use the same SPI protocol, and fastled library, etc works with apa102c is likely to work with sk9822

SK9822 LED Datasheet:
APA102 LED Datasheet:
I hope it’s help for you.