Code for coin acceptor

Hello every body,

I need help with writing an Arduino code for coin acceptor project. I will try to explain my concept about the project.
I need to made something like power switch timer for 220ACV using coins so I purchased a Relay Module for Arduino and Coin Acceptance Module CH-923 and configure it to accept three different coins, simply I need a code for my Arduino Uno board to open the relay for 5 minutes with coin #1 or open it for 10 minutes with coin #2 or 15 minutes with coin#3.

Any help please.

Are you asking about how to design this project with Fritzing in which case you will need to find fritzing parts for the Coin module and relay module which adafuit may have in their repository as they sell it or you are looking for code to drive it in which case you should look at the adafruit product page here which as a project example for ideas:

If you want something differrrent than this then you need to explain what you need more clearly (if you are looking for code the arduino forums may be a better bet than here).


Thanks Peter,

i am actually purchased all required parts but i need someone to help me with code.

I expect here isn’t your best bet, but you can post your code and see if any one can help. The adafruit site has an example project (probably with code although I didn’t look). A google search for "

Coin Acceptance Module CH-923 arduino code"

turns up some youtube videos and a github reference (likely to have code) or two.