Cmos components?

Hi. are there any libraries, or has anyone created CMOS series components? I may have to create them myself, but I have not yet learned to do well. To make schematics it is uncomfortable to use generic ic. Maybe someone has created some cmos, 40106, 4017, 4053, among others. Regards!

Try a google search for fritzing part part_number (i.e. fritzing part 40106). Several show up in projects but are likely generic ICs. What you are likely really asking for is a part with a proper schematic with sub parts (so individual elements of the part will move around) and I’m not aware of any of those yet. You may want to check the repository in this post:

as he was making variable parts for cmos chips (but I think they may have all been merged now as I can no longer see his repository). If you can find a 7404 part that would be a good start to the 40106, it would just need the changes to make it variable subpart which aren’t that difficult if you are familiar with parts making. The major work is going to be in making the detailed schematics.

edit: Since I happened to need a subparts part for testing I made a 40106 instead of using an existing one. Note it is necessary to align the part in schematic when dragging it in as if it isn’t aligned it is almost impossible to get it aligned after placement.(which is likely a bug). The interesting part of subparts parts is if you select a single inverter in schematic you can move it around independent of the other parts in the package (and the power pins). The cost is that a lot of them will slow fritzing down.

40106.fzpz (9.7 KB)


I can confirm that the 4xxx series xhips I designed were merged into the main parts repo and are in Fz. I spent a lot of time making and reworking the five or six parts I made.The CMOS equivalents of these just require different labels, which IIRC don’t need a custom part. I stopped short however of doing buffers and inverters because the layout for those would have been more work - being hex rather than quad. I may do these soon as I need some buffers myself in the near future.

Thank you very much for your attention and quick response! I will try this and continue to seek information about it.

Here is a subpart vesion of the 4053. While not as good as it could be, code changes would be needed to do better I think.

4053.fzpz (10.8 KB)

edit: and because it is the simplest of the lot, the 4017:

4017.fzpz (8.7 KB)