Changing the length of the legs length of LEDs


The default LEDS take too much space on the breadboard. I would like to shorten the legs.

Is there a way to change the length of the legs of leds?

Thank you

The standard LEDs in the Frtizing core parts library have “bendable legs”. Those can be dragged shorter or longer, or bent like wires.

To shorten the legs, drag an LED into you project and position it where it does not connection to anything. Click and drag the end of the LED leg to make it shorter. This needs to be done with each leg individually. To help get lengths even and the correct spacing, I place the LED off the edge of the breadboard so the legs end in the gap between the rails and body of the breadboard. From there drag the legs shorter so that they end on the connector in the rail. With snap turned on, that will get the LED connectors to line up cleanly.

Am alternative for smaller LEDs is to search the forums for “top view LED”. The top view parts are designed for perf board and take up only the space the real part does and thus are smaller. Most don’t have bendable legs however.