Change the color or contrast of the grid in PCB view?

Is there a way (other that the source :slight_smile: ) to change the color or contrast of the PCB grid lines? They look to be on .05 centers, but are so dim on any of my displays that I can barely see them. That makes checking new foot print alignment difficult to say the least!

Peter Van Epp

I was just thinking about that a couple of days ago… You could try sliding the PCB out of the way or hiding the PCB and just line it up with the background.

EDIT: You could also try changing the background colour to a burgundy or dark blue, the line may show up better than light gray lines on a dark gray background…

I was complaining to myself about that a coupe of days ago too,

On a side note, I changed the grid spacing to 0.100", to test if for another poster, and it was easy to see. I guess more grey between the lines gives them more contrast.

Did yourself answer? What did yourself say? Did you listen to yourself and follow his instructions or just ignore him?

I said “@#$%& Fritzing” :grin:

As long as you aren’t arguing with yourself and losing … The tip about changing grid size helped, I hadn’t noticed that I could do so and by default it is .5mm! not inches at all. Still changing it to .1 in doesn’t help readability all that much, so I guess source when I get that far it the likely answer. Should be an easyish first project after being able to compile a working build with no changes :slight_smile: Now I’m trying to figure out how to specify a mounting hole (basically a 3mm hole with no copper in the pcb) for the voltmeter I remeber something about this in either the documentation of the forums so a searching I shall go. The boards I’ve looked at have the mounting holes on the silk screen, but its unclear if that makes it to the drill list. With Steelgoose’s excellent advise on Inkscape SVG saving options I’ve managed to improve the Valor part quite a bit (mostly in getting the part on to a .1 grid in Inkscape and getting Inkscape to remember that I want it to display the grid on start up, but progress none the less), and I’ve got the voltmeter with bendable legs mostly done (only the outline and mounting holes in the pcb to go).

(edit) Found it! In core there is a pcb view item called hole1 which appears to be what I want so I should be away.!

Peter Van Epp

I kind-of figured that you didn’t realize you could change grid size, so I faked it :slight_smile:, and left that hint.
Each view has independent grid size, and of course you can change to mm.

Setting up the grid: I will generally start with 0.1 (the pitch of a pin header in Imperial increments) and snap the major component(s) to the grid. i.e. An Uno board would be the headers, then line the Uno board shape reference marks for the headers up with the header part (you may need to zoom in for this) and lock the board… then work down from there with smaller increments (0.05", 0.025"). I will then set the grid at 0.05", place the rest of the components and run the traces. If the traces need to be closer together I will set the grid to 0.025". All traces should be run a 90 and 45 deg. with few exceptions. If a component will not snap so the trace will run parallel, you can turn off the grid and move that component into position.

That sounds like a sensible plan although I don’t expect to be doing that many actual boards, I usually do one ofs on perfboard.

Peter Van Epp