Ceramic Capacitor different value

This is my first time using Fritzing, and I can’t locate the exact ceramic capacitor values I require, which are 47nF and 2.2nF at 50V. I’m creating a schematic for my amplifier. Can anyone assist me in changing the values of the ceramic capacitors? I really need this information urgently. Thank you in advance.

Yep. You need to use Inspector. First drag the part in to the sketch (because inspector can only modify a part in a sketch) then use Inspector (the lower right window) to change the parameters of the part.

You can either use the standard values in the pull down list or type a custom value over the value in Inspector via the keyboard to get odd values. Note in the resistor case, the ohm symbol (which is probably a bug!) isn’t accepted in a typed in value, it only accepts numbers and (I think!) K, M etc as multipliers.


I can’t change/type the specific value that I want

Works for me on Fritzing 1.01 / Windows 10:

after making the change, you do need to click on another value in Inspector to make the change active. That may be what is tripping you up (I do it automatically without thinking about it!) Here I took the screen shot after entering the pf but before clicking on anything else and the update is not made. Clicking either in the schematic image pane or clicking on the voltage or package entries in Inspector (which as noted I do without thinking about it) will make the update.

clicking on the package (without making any change) causes the update to occur.


Now if you try to change the value from 1pF to 1.5pF is possible.
If you try to change the value from 47µF to 100µF or any other value “not” present in the drop list, that’s not possible.
More over if you try to insert 220µF the program shows 0.22mF! It’s really awful!!!
I succed in entering 984nF, 345pF but no way to type µF, neither to paste it from clipboard, if it is not in the drop list, no way to edit.
As now I rename fzz to rar, edit the fz file with text editor.
Just to have 200µF capacitor


if you enter 220"u" instead of µ, it works… 50%. With resistor if you type “220k”, the program adds “Ω”, if add a capacitor and you type “1.3n” the program adds “F”, but if you type “220u” the program do not add “F”. Why?

Fritzing Version 1.0.1

You should file a bug report on github here:

to get this fixed. While the developers sometimes read the forums and may pick up on this, the official place is github.