CC1101 texas instruments part

Hi there, i am doing some schematics on a project for university and cant find any CC1101 transceiver part anywhere, do any of you know where i could find it? Or how to create it in the worst case… I ll attach a picture of it:


Thank you very much in advance!!

CC1101 and the picture are not really enough to create an accurate Fritzing part. A search for CC1101finds a TI data sheet for the chip, but creating a Fritzing parts needs the information for the actual board used.

Since you say this is for schematics, how “close” does the part need to be to your board? There are some transceivers in the core Fritzing parts. The NRF24L01+ seems to have about the same form factor and interface. Will it work for your use case? Perhaps with a bit of extra text labelling added to the schematic view. Unfortunately that part includes “NRF24L01+ Breakout Board” on the schematic graphics. Without that, it would be a generic SPI part. I did not dig into the details for the CC1101. Does that use an SPI interface? With a bit of extra work (a white svg box), you could probably blank out the existing text, and add your own.

It would be great if it was the exact same one as it is going to go into my final degree project.
Yes, it does use SPI interface. I might take a look at the NRF24L01 you mentioned to see if i can do something with it.

Still hoping someone could do the CC1101 part though.

Anyways, thank you!

To create the matching Fritzing part will need the physical dimensions of the board, offset to the header pins (I assume standard 0.1 inch spacing), and the name for each of the pins. Sometime a board (versus chip) datasheet is available on web pages that the part is ordered from. The picture is not enough. Sometimes Eagle files are available, which simplifies creating the Fritzing part.

There isn’t enough information available to make a part. The listings for the module typically don’t have dimensions which makes it difficult to make a part.

edit: you got lucky and I found a site with a flat jpg of the board. This should do what you want.

cc1101-module.fzpz (12.3 KB)


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