Categorize the Mine bin?

Is there a way to categorize/group the “my parts” bin ?
Something similar to the way the Arduino bin and others are categorized ?

Actually not, I tried that a long time ago, the Core bins are a little different then “my parts” and the code to create the categories in the core bins will not work in my parts. What you can do is create custom bins… just don’t name it my parts and drag them to the top so all your my parts are all together. You could name them My custom parts, My gadgets, or anything you would like. If you name it my parts, you will have duplicate my parts bins sharing the same parts and I never figured out how the get rid of the second one…

Thank you, steelgoose.

I have also tried to create other custom bins as well. However, if I right-click on a part in the my parts bin, I don’t get an option to move the part to one of the custom bins.

The ability to categorize the parts and/or move some to custom bins really would be a nice feature.

Thanks, again.

Create custom bin… drag a part on to one of the views… right click on the part and click “Add To Bin”… Then click the bin you want to add it to.

Another thing you can do to add parts to a custom bin… Just drag any part out to the vertical bin menu, that is the column on the left of the parts bin under the magnifying glass. You can drag a part up and down the menu then drop it in your custom bin.

If you create a series of part with the same family name and you don’t want all the icons in your bin. You can go into the .fzb and delete them all but one, then select the one you want from the family drop down list by variants, size, pins, etc…

I had inserted the code that created categories in the my_parts.fzb one time and it didn’t work. But you are right, it would be nice to have some kind of section dividers. It is in the core bins… I don’t know any reason they can’t add them to my_parts or custom_parts bins. You can also change the order of the parts in your bin just by dragging them around and arrange them in groups. You can change the order of the bins by dragging them up and down the menu…