Carrier PCB to Interface Surface Mount IC to Solderless Breadboard

I have a project where I have selected a TLC5510 A/D converter IC. The 24 connections for this IC are surface mount. I would like to breadboard my circuit, including this IC using a solder less breadboard of the type shown in the Fritzing Breadboard Window.

Are there any types of commercially available carrier plate PCB’s with 100 mil spaced pins that I could mount and solder the TLC5510 surface mount connections to?

Yep lots. A google search for package_type to DIP adapter (where package type is whatever the TLC5510 package is) should turn up a bunch. There are commercial ones and cheap ones on Ebay and the like.


Thank you Peter! I just did not have the correct set of search words. Using your suggested search words I did find a ton of these boards on Google.