Capacitors for desingn of pcb


i love fritzing …

What i don’t understand is why there are so little types of capacitor.
I made a search in the pcb-parts-editor and found electrolytic, ceramic und tantal caps but non of those standard caps for example wima with a size of 7.5mm = 300mil)

Have i done a wrong search or is my fritzing missing parts that should be there ?

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There is too much variation in spacing to make every cap available (and/or no one has done it.) This post may help somewhat the one in there should be close and if not indicates what needs to be done to adjust a current part.


Thanks for response …
Link ends in 502-http-Error …
I’ll have a look tomorrow again, maybe the error was fixed …

Principally … you’re right there are too much variations to
construct them all. Don’t know if it’s possible, but some dummy capacitor which is
configurable in length and width (height is not so important) would fulfill (my needs).
I ONLY use Fritzing to build my (simple) routings (about max 50 parts).
My experience is, that i get almost every sophisticated part - but the “right” capacitors
are always missing. For routing things i would be satisfied with a simple box , where (as i said) sizes are widely configurable. I’m not critisizing anyone/anything, but sometimes i feel
there are many special devices, and wonder why simple ones (in my opinion) are missing.

Anyway, fritzing is a great help for me, thanks to the developers and the community.

best regards

best regards

This isn’t as easy as we would like because of the underlying svg files. It should be possible to do something like this in the parts factory (which creates svgs on the fly) but AFAIK it isn’t currently there and the needs a code change (and thus a new release of Fritzing) which at least now are hopefully occurring. It may be worth making an enhancement request on github so this doesn’t get forgotten.