Capacitor legs do not lock to holes?

Hi Fritzing,
In breadboard view, placing an electrolytic capacitor, I place the legs into the breadboard holes.

When I move the cap’s body later to see what is hiding behind it, the legs move with it and come unattached, instead of stretching and staying connected to the holes (like wires do).

Is there an option to have the legs lock to the holes they are placed into?
Or is the idea to shorten the legs and use wire instead of the legs?

I would hate to lose all the connections when shifting things around for a better view.

Thanks for the very nice program.

I believe that is how bendable legs work. I don’t know of an option to lock the pins down (you can lock parts, but then you can’ t move them until you unlock them which isn’t what you want). Finding a non bendable leg version of the part would be the best bet.


Yeah you can’t lock pins legs. They way it is is because once you set the bendable legs you can do multiple duplicates of a part and the legs will be in the correct patten to move the duplicate one pin over, so they all line up.