Can't select non-E6 series resistor values

I updated to 1.0.0 (Win10) and I now can’t set resistors to values outside of E6 series. Am I missing something or is there no way to set the values manually now?

I expect the answer in this old post is really aimed at you

as it looks to be an answer to your question.


Hi Peter,
I got it to work but something threw me off, being a long time user and set in my ways. Something has changed in the way the values can be typed into the resistor Ω inspector box. Not a problem now that I know but, before the update I could just use the mouse to highlight the middle zero in the value of a 100kΩ resistor and type 5 [return] to make it a 150kΩ resistor. Now I have to type 150k [return] each time but that’s OK.

I suspect a change in the code has caused a change in behavior. They have moved up a QT version (from 5 to 6) so it may have changed the way inputs are edited. I expect we will just have to live with it unless it is breaking something and this doesn’t appear to be broken, just somewhat different.