Can't put an ATMEGA328 smd device on both sides of a PCB

I have an ATMEGA328 smd placed on one side of a PCB layout. I add second on the ‘other’ side but it always orientates itself to the top side. Selecting “Move to other side of the board” from the “routing” menu option doesn’t seem to do anything.

Mine seams to do it, but there is a problem.

I pulled the IC to the top and connected a resistor, then I pressed the button - red bar on bottom - to bottom layer and added another IC and resistor and connected them. In the export it shows the different connections.

The problem is that the IC on the bottom doesn’t have the pins flipped, so pin 1 is in the wrong place.

I’m not even sure FZ has the double load feature but I suppose you could fudge it.

Am I missing something here… I have two ATMEGA328 SMDs, one one each side of the board and not having any problems. I have rotated them and moved them back and Fourth on each side of the board… still do not have any problems.

The routing menu option is for moving the traces to the other side… not the parts.

DOH, I didn’t even see the “view from” button, and it was right next to the “layer” button.

Now I see when you release the part, when adding it, it flips the pins - I didn’t see the flip because I didn’t look at it after I released it -.

I think my problem stems from thinking the move to other side meant I could do it to parts.

I can put two on different sides but not move them to the other side would appear to be the case.

I think I can move on from here now … and deal with the issue of trying to lay a trace in PCB mode which constantly jumps to empty pins rather than the one I’m trying to target :frowning:

To move a part to the other side is done in the Inspector, under PCB Layer (top, bottom). Sometimes it is confusing cause you can see both parts in the transparent pcb. You can always hide the silkscreen in the View menu on one side to make it easier to identify.

It is easier to draw a trace from the ATMEGA SMD pad than it is to it. You can also hover your cursor over the pad while drawing the trace… the one that it will connect to will turn blue then let go of the mouse button… sometime hard to see. If the wrong one turns blue, pull the cursor away until the blue goes away then bring your cursor in again until the right one highlights then let go of the mouse button… Your trace will jump to that pin/pad.

I got the knack for tracing but its just not so easy.

I still don’t see how to move the part from top to bottom… what is the Inspector? I can view top and bottom, set clickable etc and hide the silk screen but I can’t change top to bottom or vice versa once its been placed.

Below the parts bin is the Inspector box of the selected part. The part Inspector gives parts more options.

The Inspector is in the lower right side of the screen (below the parts library). If it is not open, click Windows then Inspector from the menu.

Got it at last. Never noticed the top/bottom option despite looking at the Inspector all the time… doh

Hooray… Don’t you just hat learning curves… Why can’t we be born with the knowledge of everything…

I guess I earned another brownie button…