Can't pay with PayPal in Turkey. What to do?

Paypal is not operating in Turkey at the moment and I can’t pay towards my download.
Is there and alternative way to pay or it is such that I simply can’t use Fritzing in here?

I have a business that takes payments internationally. Customers can ‘wire’ the funds to my bank account. Process has to originate at your bank & most likely has fees by them and(or) by recipient bank. Exchange rates will depend on origin bank, from my experience.

This is probably a question for Peter, so apologize if step on toes- just trying to help.

Actually it is a question for @KjellM , but I think the answer likely is paypal is it (although there may be an alternative I don’t know of.) I think paypal was considered pretty universal. The problem with an external payment is the download depends on the paypal transation as far as I know.


One (not at all easy) solution is to build fritizing from source. Having done so, I can safely say donating and downloading the built product is much better, but it is possible to do it entirely for free (except for a lot of time.) There are build instructions available here (with an update to build 0.9.4 as well):

they assume you are reasonably familiar with software development and tool installation though. The Qt download alone typically takes me around 8 hours (often multiple times as I screw something up and have to start again.) You want the Qt open source version (which is free.)