Can't Open Fritzing examples or save files


I installed Fritzing on a System76 64 bit laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The program starts fine but when I try to open one of the examples I get the following error:

"Unable to open ‘/usr/share/fritzing/sketches/core/Button.fzz’: %s

This error is for the button example but it does not seem to be able to open any files.

Also, when I try to save a file, I get an error that says "Cannot write file temp: /file path/ No such file or directory. I think these two problems may be related.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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While I’m running Fritzing on Windows, since none of the Unix folks seem to be replying I’ll have a bash :slight_smile: it sounds like you have permissions problems somewhere. Try an

ls -l /usr/share/fritzing/sketches/core/Button.fzz

and an

ls -l ./

if the user ids and permissions are different then that’s likely your problem. One reason for this is if you installed Fritzing as one user (such as root if you used sudo to install) and are running as another user then I expect (but don’t know for sure :slight_smile: ) that you may hit this problem. There have been a number of posts lately about Unix install issues and I think a couple of pointers to install examples so you may also try a search in the forums for either Ubunto or Linux and see what turns up.