Can't move part to other side (Solved)

I decided to change the schematic image on my IN16 Nixie tube part and after updating the image I am now unable to select which side of the board the part is on. It will appear on which ever side is clickable when placing a new part but you are not given an option in the inspector to change the side once placed. This has ruined the last saved version of my board that was open when I changed the graphic. I tried deleting my new version and importing the old one but the problem persists. I have also rebuilt the parts library but that did not help. Does anyone know the solution? Is there a way to change which side the part is on by editing a file or something as a worst work around?

Here is a sketch with just two of the parts placed on either side of the board during placement but I can’t change their sides.
Example.fzz (15.1 KB)
And here is the latest version of my part with the correct schematic image
IN-16 Nixie Tube 0.2.fzpz (16.7 KB)

I have deleted Fritzing and reinstalled it but that did nothing. I tried renaming my config file and letting it recreate it, that did not fix it. I have renamed my parts folder and let it recreate that and then imported my old exported part that used to work, and again I still have the problem where I can’t select which side of the board the part is on after placing it. The only thing I haven’t tried is doing all of those things at once. I am stuck here and I really don’t know how to move forward so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I decided to try recreating the part from the beginning. I chose a generic IC and changed all the svg’s and Metadata and connections in a single go and only saved it once. This produced a usable part. I then went and copied all of the new working parts svg’s and renamed them to match the old part. This did update all the svg’s but it did not fix the issue. That only leaves the Fritzing part metadata file. I tried copying the working one and renaming it to match the old one but Fritzing complained so I reverted it. I then opened both files with a text editor and switched their moduleId= 's while leaving their file names intact.

What do you know once I reopened my sketch I could switch sides and everything worked. I hope this helps someone in the future.

I believe the cause of this is editing the part multiple times with the Fritzing part editor. It created so many groups (30 deep or more) and transformed and translated the paths multiple times. When I recreated the part I removed all the extra groups and translations etc and used very clean SVG’s that Fritzing hadn’t mangled yet.