Can't move label on bottom mounted stepper

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

Open New.
Go to PCB view
Select bottom layer with bottom red button.
Drag in Pololu DRV 8825 Stepper Motor Carrier, High Current on to PCB
Move part label inside stepper outline box.
Now if I try and move only the label, it takes the whole stepper with it

What I expected should have happened instead:

The label to stay independent of the outline of the actual part

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

Win7 x64 SP1

Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

I got it to do it by flipping side… it appears that the label gets placed behind the part image. You can easily drag it out with the right mouse button… Or just flip it back…

How did you flip it?
When it’s under the PCB in PCB view it seams stuck.

Flip it (move it) to the front side. What are you? Fritzing’s beta tester… It amazes me how you find all these things…

It is kind of weird… all elements have an order, they are either above or below another element. In FZ, when you are moving the part, and you are viewing the board from the side you are moving the part to, the label will end up on top of the part. When you are viewing the board from the side you are moving the part from, the label will end up under the part.

i.e. When moving the part, and the part is on top and you are viewing from the bottom, or the part in on the bottom and you are viewing from the top, the label will end up on top of the part… When the part is on top, and you are viewing from the top or the part is on the bottom and you are viewing from the bottom, the label will end up under the part. But it really does not cause a problem, that is just the order the elements line up when moving from one layer to another.

I can’t for the life of me find this Flip button.

There is something kind-of weird happening.

If I :-
press the “bottom layer” using button in the red bar at the bottom.
Drag in Pololu DRV 8825 Stepper Motor Carrier, High Current, or any part, on to PCB - a faded part with reverse writing appears -,
Move the part label inside stepper outline box, I can’t move the label again without taking the whole part with it.

But if I start a new project and
Hit the “view from below” button on the red bar first.
Drag the stepper - semi faded part with writing the correct way around
Move label inside part
Select “view from top” - reversed writing -
I can move the label even from the top.

It looks like I’ve been using the “Bottom Layer” button, when I should be using the “View from below” button to add parts. I kind-of like the “bottom layer” button because it doesn’t reverse the whole board.

I was also thinking parts are in set in layer orders, so you can touch something under another.

What I figured Fritzing does is that on first use it looks very friendly and easy with it’s big colourful parts, and that kind-of hooks you to FZ. But as the users get better and want to do more complicated stuff, they start pushing the limits of FZ. I don’t think the people who wrote it ever intended to have a 100 component car ECUs designed with it.
If you want to see weirdness in FZ do a 100 part board, then you will see bugs.

It is not a flip button… In the Inspector, next to pcb layer, you select which side of the board you want the part on. If the part is on the bottom and you want the move it to the top… select top in the combo box and it moves to the top of the board.

When you viewing from the bottom and drag a part on the the board, you are placing the part on the bottom of the board. The side you are viewing from is the side the new part will be placed on…

“Well there’s your problem”

Type 8825 in the search box.
Pull the purple stepper in.
In Inspector is the Placement/pcb layer greyed out, or is the box active.

Mine is blank greyed out.
location and rotation is active.

Same part… different variant… Pololu DRV 8825 Stepper Motor Carrier
This is the one in my library…

My Variant 2, the green one, also doesn’t have pcb layer.

Send me Variant 1 and I will load it in my library.

Also, the schematic in my Variant 2 is huge.

Yes on var2

I’v got 2 purple var 1 one with silk, one with out.

with silk.
Pololu DRV 8825 Stepper Motor Carrier, High Current.fzpz (207.9 KB)

Do you have Fritz 0.9.3 ---- 186.786KB or 186.482KB

fritzing.0.9.3b.64.pc ---- 186.482KB

They are both fritzing.0.9.3b.64.pc.

The 186.482KB was the first release, but when there was so many install problem I went it and downloaded it again and found the file was the bigger 186.786KB. There was no label update, but if you look at the bottom right corner when it is opening for the first time, mine is b04.19. Maybe the different version is the problem.

Mine is also b04.19

You broke it…

I break everything.:relaxed:

Did you load the MS api thingy. This PC worked straight off the bat without adding that. My other PC needed the api so i might check that one.

My other PC has the api, but has the larger 186.786KB, and it doesn’t work.