Can't make things move backward or forward

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

I was trying to add a resistor that was only one spot apart on the breadboard I made. I finally figured out how to make it look like it has wires

What I expected should have happened instead:

My resistor that I finally made to look like I want is covered up by a jumper wire, I can’t move the jumper wire back or the resistor to front.

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

The new version I just purchased today 9/3/22 and windows based labtop

Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

breadboard ex

That is normal wires are always top. To fix it click on the wire and drag it so it is out of the way like this

to this


I was hoping to be able to reproduce my breadboard layout as it is.

My new frustration is trying to be able to attach capacitors, resistors, and other things with long bendy wires to the row and hole needed, which is easy in real life. I guess I just need to attack wires in fritz. It seems like it would be easy to make it so you could grab the wires you want and shape and put them where needed.

Oh well, I just started messing with it today. Seems fun.

I was just reading the tips and tricks and it states that I should be able to move the wires to the back.

moving and selection
To constrain the motion of a part to horizontal or vertical, hold down the shift key as you drag it.
If you’re having trouble selecting a part or a wire (segment), try selecting the part that’s in the way and send it to the back: use the Raise and Lower functions on the Part menu or the context menu (right-click menu)."

You can move wires forward and back, but only relative to other wires. All wires are in front of all parts. Same for parts. You can move parts forward and back relative to other parts.

Another trick to help with selection, is to temporarily turn off some of the layers in the view (view menu). Turning off parts while leaving wires on makes it easier to select a wire, and vice versa. Hiding rats nest can make it easier to select wires.

Welp, yesterday I managed to move the red wire behind R1. I had closed everything for some reason and when I opened it back up I could do it.

I’m making a new circuit and am having no such luck sending the wire to back, restarting hasn’t helped. Note that each component will give you the option of putting it in any layer, it’s not grayed out.

Here are the 2 examples

I want the red led to the front

This is the one that refused to cooperate until it did