Cant Load Custom part?

Hey all, hoping this is the correct sub forum

I created a custom part in illustrator and want to load it into fritzing, issue is every time i load it i get “error reading file…unable to create renderer for svg” and then the program crashes.

I am making the image with the supplied template and saving as svg then loading it in, i have no idea what could be causing this but its the same for all my images.

Any help fixing this?

Upload the .fzpz here, the 7th button.

To expend a bit on Old_Grey’s comment, uploading the .fzpz will give us both the 4 SVGs and the fpz file that ties them together to look over and maybe tell you whats going wrong. From the error message it sounds like Fritzing doesn’t understand something in the xml that illustrator is generating. If you aren’t getting far enough to create a part to make the fzpz (which it sounds like you may not be), rename a failing xxx.svg file to xxx.fzpz and upload that (telling us it is really an svg file). I believe the upload function has a problem with svg file upload so we have to fool it.


It seems the issue was missing height and width in the actual svg file out of illustrator, I have to open it in a text editor and manually set the size to match the canvas size and then it will import.

I’m having another issue though, I downloaded the bundled fonts and templates, installed the fonts, but get an error, for OCRA doesn’t work when I open a template, I can verify that it’s installed correctly, but can’t get the error not to display… any ideas? I’m on Mac and dropped the downloaded folder into fontbook

Sorry I’m a Windows type and the fonts just work for me (at least Inkscape willing :slight_smile: ). Hopefully one of our Mac users will comment and/or have a solution. Hopefully someone may also know what to set in illustrator to have it set the viewbox size correctly (I use (and often curse :slight_smile: ) Inkscape so don’t know illustrator)