Can't get Arduino part On Top Of an Image (logo)!


I got stuck in a problem, that I no idea how to solve. Maybe you guys can help :slight_smile:

I want to place an Arduino UNO Rev 3 on top of a png img I uploaded using the logo part trick (a print screen attached in the end). But the “Bring to Front” action, just doesnt work. Why? You have an idea what I can do about it?


Yam Shargil

SystemSketch12_4_17.fzz (282.4 KB)

Right-click on the part and there is a Raise and Lower, and just do the opposite first, ie raise the chassis and then lower, and then lower the UNO and raise it again. There is some bug that gets reset if you do the opposite first.

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Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: