Can't find TSOP4838

i am working on my circuit diagram, but i can´t find the TSOP 4838 for fritzing. I´ve seen it exsiting in images, but i couldn´t find it. If you had it or n´knew were to find it i would be very thankfull.

You are likely seeing this:


Yes, but these are the wrong one. The pins are diffrent organized then by the TSOP 4838.

Then you would need to provide a data sheet for the device that you want.


try one of the ones in this post. Mine looks to be the correct pin out.


This Datasheet is for more then one, but it has the TSOP 4838.

The post listed above should work for this as well (it is the same as the one I looked at.)


Not complete. There is Ground and Vs changed.

Hard to see how. The two appear to match to me:


I made my own parts quite customized and not finished (breadboard image is a 3 pin female row) but they may help you

I use them for TSSP4038 in vertical with a silkscreen to represent a 3d printed part that covers the TSSP :
TSSP40-V.fzpz (3.0 KB)

and horizontal bending the legs:
TSSP40-H.fzpz (3.6 KB)