Can't find part for 6-pin, 3 input OR gate

Beginner here, trying to build my first project. I’m unable to find the part for a 6-pin, 3 input OR gate.

Here’s what I’m looking for:


I can also export it to 26 different ECAD formats, but Library Loader doesn’t support the fritzing file type.

Figuring out my options at this point:

  1. Do I need to create this part myself?
  2. Can I convert from one of the existing file types (see below) to fritzing?
  3. Does someone already have this part available that they could share?

The filetypes this part is available in:
3D, Allegro, Altium, CADSTAR, Capture, CircuitStudio, CR-5000, CR-8000, DEHDL, DesignSpark PCB, DipTrace, EAGLE, EasyEDA, Easy-PC, eCADSTAR, KiCad, OrCAD_Allegro16, PADS, Proteus, Pulsonix, Quadcept, SOLIDWORKS PCB, TARGET 3001!, xDX Designer, Xpedition

Looks like there aren’t any 6 pin SMD foot prints available for the generic IC (my first choice) so a custom part is in order. Which package would you prefer? I would guess the DBV as being largest and easiest to solder but you may want the DCK for space reasons (or one of the others if you are having them assembled or have and SMD oven!) As far as I know Component Search Engine doesn’t support Fritzing (it may not be easy to do due to Fritzing requirements though.) There is a program Eage2Fritzing which will convert Eagle .brd files to Fritzing (with a lot of manual editing though!) but it isn’t particularly easy to use. If you have a contact at Component Search Engine that would like to try and add Fritzing I’d be happy to help with Fritzing formats as having automatic footprints would be good. Someone a couple of years ago made a similar inquiry but nothing ever came of it (I may have made a custom part though.)


Thanks Peter!

I looked into Eagle, but the manual editing seemed intimidating for a beginner like me. Sadly, I don’t have a contact at Component Search Engine yet, but if you’re willing to help, I’m happy to make some calls and see if we could get the ball rolling on this.

For my specific project, I just realized that I can just order one of the existing 14-pin OR gates that are already modeled in Fritzing and just use that instead.

If you want to use that part here is a custom part for the largest case.

74LVC1G332.fzpz (4.6 KB)


You are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you.