Can't find led strip with 2 wires

Hi… im new at this… and trying to find a led light strip 5V component … i find this (WS2812 RGB LED strip.fzpz on WS2812 RGB LED strip & matrix but has 3 wires… the one i have has 2 wires … or i can use the other some how?


Presumably this is a single color led strip (the listed ones are all rgb.) You probably need a custom part which would require the data sheet for the led strip you have (or the web site for the strip you have which may have the necessary information to make a part.)


What is the problem to order the one that you need?

Nothing, he likely has the LED, what he needed is a Fritzing part that matches the LED he has. The current parts are all for RGB type LEDs usually with 4 connections, the LED he needs has 2 (and he would likely need a custom part.)


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