Can't find CD4021BE part

Sorry Everyone, I’m new here, but I have been looking around for the CD4021BE Shift Register, but don’t see it. I have also found that others have asked about it but could not find any resolution. It looks like someone created a “custom” item, but also can’t find that. It also looks like it was supposed to have been added to release, but again, I can’t find it. Sorry if I have missed something.

Thanks for your help,

Welcome aboard! You don’t appear to have missed anything. The part repository from google got lost (the repo is corrupted and no one appears to have a non corrupted copy.) so the basic 4021 mentioned appears to be gone. The two choices are use a generic IC by dragging it in to the sketch then use Inspector, the lower right window, to set the number of pins to 16 and use the edit pin labels function to set the names of the pins in schematic or create (or get me to do so) a custom part. Of the two the generic IC is easier.


Thanks Peter - I suspected that, or something like that, has happened as so many of the users seem very knowledgeable and active here, so if it is not available, something happened and people just haven’t had the time to update it.

Thanks again