Can't find a SMD Mono 3.5mm jack in fritzing parts


Hello everyone,

Is there anybody out there who happens to have fritzing part designed for a surface mount 3.5mm mono jack of any type? I haven’t been able to find one and am not versed at all at creating parts from scratch.
Thank you!


If you have a pointer to a data sheet I can make one easily enough. I did make one for someone but it is through hole (and may have been 1/4 inch as well).



Thank you so much Peter!!! So cool.
I don’t have a real data sheet for it but this is hopefully enough specs to go on.


Yep that has the recommended footprint which is what is needed. I should have a part together in a bit.



Very sweet and very much appreciated!


Here is the part. As always before ordering boards you need to check the footprint against an actual part to make sure it is correct. A few points, it appears to be a stereo jack not mono. The part is somewhat odd in that I made the mounting holes through hole with pads (with the suggested 1.2mm hole) so you can solder down the legs to make the part more stable. I’m not entirely sure that the drawing is for a pcb footprint as opposed to a description of the physical part. I assumed footprint and if that is not correct a 1.2mm hole may be too small. I also used the right and left pins from a Sparkfun part so they may not be in the correct order (the drawing only has pin numbers.) In any case try it and see if it works.

3.5mm Audio Jack-wq-pj320b.fzpz (7.7 KB)

edit2: I finally remembered I promised to fix this. I just replaced the part with a standard SMD part that appears to work. The holes are just holes with no pads (because I can’t make pads work).

edit: then again, this part as it stands has problems when moved to the bottom of the board. The presence of both copper layers appears to break the move to the bottom of the board code. This part is OK for checking the footprint works, but otherwise shouldn’t be used til it is fixed.



Ah crap! I’m so so sorry I don’t know how I thought this was a Mono jack! :frowning:

Everything looks great and works well given that I would need it for the top layer anyways but very sadly I can’t use it because if it being stereo. I feel pretty silly.
I found this one as a replacement from DigiKey but totally understand if you don’t want to do it again. I’m not sure how long the parts creation process is for you!
Data Sheet: (for an actual mono jack…)

DigiKey Link:


Not a problem, part creation is fairly fast as long as you are familiar with it. A new one should be up in a while.



Amazing, Thank you Peter!


Here is the new part, as always check the footprint against a real part before ordering boards.

3.5mm Audio Jack-mj-3523-smt.fzpz (7.6 KB)



Thanks Peter! This looks great, I’ll check it out soon. :slight_smile:
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