Cannot open .fzp from New Parts Editor

I’m trying to open up a new part I created using the new parts editor. Fritzing saved the part as a .fzp file in the Parts > User folder. When I attempt to open the part there is a popup saying ‘Sorry, “directly loading parts” has not been implemented yet.’ there also doesn’t seem to be a way to open the file from within Fritzing.

Has anyone encountered this before? Is it possible to continue working on the part?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think you have the right file because parts are .fzpz.

Left click the part in the Parts bin and choose export.

If it is a core part save it as a new part and export.

Yes I have encountered that before… but only accidentally before i had my morning coffee… when I clicked left mouse button instead of the right…

The .fzp is a .xml file that contains some of the parameters for Fritzing parts. It is one of five files that make up a Fritzing part (part-name.fzp, breadboard.svg, schematic.svg, pcb.svg. and Icon.svg). The part you created can only be opened from within Fritzing, My Parts, library bin… When you saved your new part from the New Parts Editor, an Icon of the new part was added to your My Parts library bin… To keep your new part in the My Parts bin, you must save the bin before closing Fritzing by left clicking on the menu button in the top right corner of the bin and then click on “Save Bin” or the new part will not be save in your My Parts bin, and you will not still have the part icon in the bin for the next time you open Fritzing… If you forgot to save the bin, you should have got a warring “do you want to save bin” when closing Fritzing, and you should have clicked “yes”.

If you forgot to save your My Parts bin, there is still a way to add your new part to the bin… but it help to have a little bit of knowledge in .xml files. If your new part in not in your My Parts bin and you had forgot to save the bin before closing Fritzing, and you still need help on getting your new part opened to continue working on it… please let me know and I will provide instruction on how to add the icon to your New Parts bin.

Old_Grey, steelgoose - thanks for the responses. There are no .fzpz files on my computer so I believe what steelgoose suggested may have been the case. I saved the part file but likely did not save it to My Parts prior to my OS crashing and taking Fritzing with it. I was under the erroneous impression that saving the file would have been the only step.

If there is a process for resurrecting the part, I would be grateful for the procedure.

I have a couple of questions first… What OS are you using? Do you have an .xml editor.?, and have you saved any parts in your My Parts bin?