Cannot move wire to top layer


am new to Fritzing and just creating a prototype board, I needed a Max485 part, which I go from github, it seems that any wires (tracks) connected to it cannot be moved to the top layer?

I can do this with other wires connected to other components.

What would prevent this?

Windows, Latest Version

If the part is SMD, it will only connect on one layer. Normally that is the top layer, but it will be the bottom layer if the chip is moved to the bottom of the board. The best bet in a question like this it to upload the sketch (the .fzz file) here so we can look at the actual problem. Upload is 7th icon from the left on the reply menu.


Hi, Thanks for your reply,

The part is another board, the rs485 module.
I have solved the issue by creating a “Via” to solve the layer issue and as a better option son the design.

The part is from:


It looks like the original part is broken. I’ll post a corrected version in a bit.


Here is a fixed version (I improved breadboard a bit by adding connectors for the screw terminals.) In pcb you should check the foot print against the real board, the long side of the header connectors is 1.623 in (which isn’t on a .1 in boundary.) I assumed the board was like that, but it would be best to verify it before ordering boards and discovering it doesn’t fit. As well, I would be tempted to just use the max chip in core parts and the components rather than the module but either should work.

MAX485-Breakout.fzpz (12.0 KB)


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Thanks, will try that. This is a prototype at this stage, but yes, will look at replacing the module with the actual components later. :+1: