Cannot find 7 x 7mm Tactile Push Button 6 Pin


I have used ‘The Internet’ and ‘The Google’ to search for this.
I also searched the parts in Fritzing itself.

But I cannot find a 6 pin tactile button 7x7mm for a PCB design in fritzing.
Before I just use two 3 pin headers I would like to ask here:
Is there a 6pin tactile button in fritzing?
Aliexpress 6 pin tactile button

Thanks in advance,

Doesn’t look like it, but one could be made if you have a data sheet (the site as usual doesn’t seem to have one). A mechanical drawing would be best if available, otherwise pin spacing (probably .1 inch) and hole size for the leads (.035in for standard IC pins or bigger?) and what the pins connect to for schematic (with 6 pins it seems it may be double pole double throw, but the 4 pin version in Fritzing is only single pole so who knows :slight_smile: ).


Hi Vanepp,

Thanks for your response!
I looked through a lot of suppliers and datasheets…
Closest to what I already ordered has the following extra info:
Pin Pitch : 4.5 x 1mm / 0.2" x 0.08" (L*W);Pin Length : 3.5mm / 0.14"

Another seller has the following picture with some schematics:
Can I not post a picture??? Find picture here or just go to the link above…

You would be an angel if you could help me out with a part for Fritzing…
Again, only the PCB would be great!

Try this one. It matches what their pcb drawing said (and that in turn matched the part I cloned this from) but I’d print out the footprint and check it against your actual part before committing to a board :-). Breadboard and schematic done as well (breadboard is a little inaccurate as I spaced the connectors on .1 inch rather than the 2mm they apparently are.) If it doesn’t match reality its easy to change (once we know what reality is.)

SWITCH-DPDT-latching.fzpz (8.1 KB)


Vanepp, Your an angel!
I tried the part editor ones, but my lack of illustrator skills turned it in a nightmare.
So again thanks!
I will try to come back here once the buttons arrive in about two weeks (ali).