Cannot execute Copper Fill correctly

I cannot execute the “Copper Fill” or “Ground Fill” as I want it.
Why? Simply because, after reading a lot of threads here about Copper Fill/Ground Fill and after a lot of trying and error, still haven’t the foggiest idea to get things done as I want.
In the example I am posting here I have made a ground plate connection using a via at the output of my RIAA equalizer and I simply cannot recall how I did that. In fact I want to place more via’s which are only connected to the ground plate on other places of the circuit so I can experiment with earthing the copper plate by simply solder a wire to one of the common connections of the circuit after the PCB is realized.
Is it possible for somebody here to give me a step by step action how to accomplish this?
Thanks in advance.

You right click on any connection you want to be part of your ground plane and select it as a ground seed. Once you have select all pads/nets you want to be part of your ground plane and made them ground seeds you then run the ground fill function.

“You right click on any connection you want to be part of your ground plane and select it as a ground seed.”

In this sentence is sitting the problem !! First I could not select “select it as ground seed” because I made the mistake to first select it and then try to set it as a ground seed. You simply have to hoover over the part and the moment you notice that it changes into “black” , THEN right click on it and select “set ground fill seed”, otherwise “set ground fill seed” is “greyed out” and you cannot select it.
Now indeed I can, as you wrote any pad/net I want, as ground connection.

Yeah the difference is you need to be clicking the connection not the part outline. For small parts like the via it can be hard to get it to select the connection and not the part outline. Glad you got it working.

You can also use wire or copper image/types to connect ground fills if you know what you are doing.

I do not understand what you are meaning here. Can you please elaborate somewhat more on this please? Perhaps with an example?


here is a little board with ground fill separated into two ,
you can actually just link them with wire, or I sometimes use copper layer text “_”
but for more accurate I link the vias between them and overlay on ground fills,
the copper fill seems to strange alignment behavior to wires.

Thanks Alan everything a clear now for me. Thanks for this tip!
Sorry for my late response.

just be careful
as it violates some of the design rule check of fritzing, if you use my tip
you are not going to benefit from DRC,
so always examine twice before you make your patch,
you can export on pdf / print it out on paper / or gerber viewer

I sometimes short gnd to v++ or whatever else :stuck_out_tongue:
so I learnt to check

O.K. Wasn’t aware of this, but if I use it, of course I export on pdf first to see of something went
wrong. I always do this together with the design rule check.