Cannot edit parts in inspector window

I used to be able to edit parts in the inspector window such as the basic wire color, and other “core parts”, However, I am unable to change it as the drop down box in the inspector window is now greyed out.

Is this in general now, or a specify sketch? Which OS and what Fritzing version are you using? Is this only for wires, or are there also problems with changing properties of other parts?

If you post (upload; 7th icon from the left in the reply window) a sketch file you are have problems with, we can see if it works in other environments.

It works for me with fritzing v0.9.9 on a win10 OS, but I’ve never changed wire colors in the inspector before. I usually right click the wire after creating it and set it’s colors there.

Have you tried with just a blank sketch and route a wire on the default breadboard?


I got it to work, thank you for the help. I believe my file was just bugged because later on I reopened it and I was able to continue with my diagram.