Can you switch back and forth while designing?

I was designing a circuit in Breadboard mode and thought all was fine, then switched to Schematic view and did my routing, then switched over to PCB view and finished up there. But then I got an idea to change my design a bit. I went back to the Breadboard view and added something, saved and then went over to the Schematic view… “Hmmm… This is not right…”. The the route helper “thing” just wanted to route the design as it was before the design change.

So my question is, is it possible to do this kind of workflow? Or do I have to copy my change to a new file and take it from there? What I want is a function to say that this is my new design, the other views should update their routes according to this.

At present doing this type of workflow tends to confuse Fritzing and corrupts the project. Current best practice is to make all your changes in one view (breadboard or schematic typically) then switch to the other 2 and do the routing for those views following the rats nest lines. That implies you would need to save a copy of your project with the changes completed in only one view and make furhter changes in a copy of that and then redo the other two views to make changes later. It is less than optimal, but is what works at present.


Thanks for the answer!

So do you know if this kind of workflow is on the roadmap?

It should work now, but doesn’t, I’d like to see a road map of whats coming, but I don’t know of one or if or when there will be another release unfortunatly. There have been some recent (as in the last couple of months) commits to the github repository after almost 6 months of no commits so there appears to be development happening but we don’t know anything about a schedule or whats planned.


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it’s me thinking it should be one way when the program was right, either way only one change 1 thing at a time and quadruple check it in all views before you proceed.

I’m not sure if FZ has a priority view, like SCH, but I tend to use that as the master - I usually only use SCH and PCB and totally ignore BB view -.