Can you help me find MQ-135 library for fritzing?

I have problems finding Mq-135. Plz, respond as quickly as you can. Urgent for a school project.

FAQ: finding Fritzing Parts to use

There is no “MQ-135” part in the core Fritzing library, but the basic google search found several projects that said they were using an mq-135, that are really using a sparkfun part with a different number. Search for “gas sensor” in the parts window.

If that does not work for your project, provide details about why, and what is needed instead. See the FAQ entry.

@Old_Grey I saw you (I think it was you) reference a video fairly recently, about how to search for part files. The search keywords I am using are not locating either the video itself, or the post you mentioned it in. Could you provide a reference, or update the FAQ on the wiki to include it?

Just search the internet and add Fritzing - image search is easier -.

Just search “tutorial” in FZ and it’s near the top.
It’s the usual FZ program search for the specific name, then what it is, and then something general, ie XX1234, geared motor, then just motor. Then move to FZ forum, and then internet search adding FZ - image search is easier -.

The search found the series, but it took some manual scanning to find the specific video link. Dug it out, and added to the the text FAQ on the wiki.