Can’t find parts (KF250-3.5)

hello ,vanepp
please , I want the parts in the pcb because i did not find it in the parts , which is (KF250-3.5 )

  • I have project that i need quickly

that is datasheet ( )

how many pins i need ?? 3pin and 8pin

It is unclear from the data sheet how this connects. For instance on a 3 pin connector are there 3 pins or 4 (the 4th pin being NC?) I assume it connects like this, but even that is unclear.

here I am assuming the 4th pin exists for stability (which it may not!) but is NC. I am also assuming there is a single connection for each wire. I would need to know what a 3 pin connector actually looks like to make a part.


From this picture of a 2 pin terminal it looks like unused pins are not populated so a 3 pin should have only three pins

with the 3rd pin being where the red dot is in the image above. Is that correct?


OK here is a part that should match a 3 pin terminal block. Please print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part. If that looks correct I’ll make an 8 pin version.

screw-terminal-kf250-3.5-3pin.fzpz (3.9 KB)


yes that looks correct

Here is the 8pin version.

screw-terminal-kf250-3.5-8pin.fzpz (4.2 KB)