Can´t compilate (first steps)

Hi people, i just install the app and I´m trying to run the code but i can´t.

this message appear

Ningún *uploader para Arduino especificó. Va a Preferencias > Vista de Código para configurarlo.

i have Arduino IDE from the microsoft store but don´t understand what file i should choose


Try the executable from the arduino IDE. Here I right clicked on the Arduino IDE icon on the desktop (I’m assuming Windows here!) and entered the Target field in to Fritzing (circled in red here):

That said, I am unsure that upload works in this configuration. The necessary commands were not yet in the Arduino IDE when Fritzing 0.9.3b was released in 2016, and it didn’t used to work , but someone a while back changed some javascript somewhere (I haven’t yet had time to explore this) and got it to work on Linux so the same may be possible on Windows. As a result I use the Arduino IDE to program and upload code to Arduinos et. al. (mostly blue pill these days.) Hope this helps, if it works and uploads please post!


First, thanks for your quickly answear.
Second…work and don´t i mean…

Any idea? I bought the program hoping to emulate arduino because where I am it’s hard to get one

I think this is probably the usual “download to the arduino doesn’t work”, its been about 3 years since I last tried it so I don’t remember exactly how it failed. Fritzing won’t simulate an Arduino, you need to have a real Arduino connected to the Arduino IDE to load code to. The work around in this case is to use the Arduino IDE to download the code instead of Fritzing (that is what I do until I get time to see if I can make the download from Fritzing work.) All Fritzing will do is use the Arduino IDE (or not be able to :slight_smile: ) to load the code from Fritzing. The Arduino IDE should be able to load the code if Fritzing can’t (and Fritzing won’t be able to load the code if the Arduino IDE can’t!)


oooooooooooooooook so i need to read more when i buy a software…any Arduino simulator you can recommend me?

I don’t know of one. There are simulators for the various PICs in the MicroChip IDE, and since MicroChip now owns Amtel there may be an emulator for the 328 in there now. A google search for “arduino simulator” turns up some hits, but I’m not familiar with any of them. There are cheap UNO clones (around $5) available on ebay, although I understand some countries have high import duties. I expect any of the simulators are going to be pretty slow compared to a real machine.


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